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Hi! I’m Larry!. 

I helped launch a consulting business in El Monte, CA called PC Multiservices in 1999, with a partner/friend, doing all aspects of the business from billing to installs. This lasted until we moved to West Covina, CA in 2002.  At that time we we entered in a business partnership with another small consulting company, eventually merging both companies and forming Diplomat Services where I ended up leading and supporting the networking end of business. This included business development, web integration, cabling as well as creating custom databases and web design. Since then I have gone on to start my own businesses focusing on small business expansion by way of technology whether it is creating a sales application for a mobile device, a re-branding of your current business, or just getting started. I have partnered with other companies to bring the best possible product to the consumer. We hope you will reach out to us when considering your next project.

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